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The clipper Mathilda was launched in Nijmegen, the Netherlands in 1896. At the beginning she carried all kinds of cargo sailing down the rivers, the Zuiderzee and the Delta areas. Around 1930 this way of carrying cargo was no longer profitable.

The Mathilda was equipped with an engine, the gear and swords disappeared. In this way she carried sand and shingles till the late sixties when carrying cargo on such a small scale was not longer profitable. The Mathilda was laid up.

A few enthusiasts discovered the ship. After a number of years of hard work they managed to restore her original looks. Now she sails as in her olden days.


    Klipper Mathilda      Battenoord 1     3244 LB Nieuwe Tonge      0031(0)6-25303813      0031(0)6-36138244      info@klippermathilda.nl